Re-Release Tuesdays “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”


It’s snowing here on the east coast and I couldn’t think of anything better for this Tuesday.  Basically,  I thought the snow scene in this video was dope back in the day.  It also helps that this is the lead single off of iLLmatic.  Nothing more to be said. This week’s Re-Release is Nas’s “It Ain’t Hard To Tell“.

Often cited as one of the best hip-hop albums of the ’90s, Illmatic is the undisputed classic upon which Nas’ reputation rests. It helped spearhead the artistic renaissance of New York hip-hop in the post-Chronic era, leading a return to street aesthetics. Yet even if Illmatic marks the beginning of a shift away from Native Tongues-inspired alternative rap, it’s strongly rooted in that sensibility. For one, Nas employs some of the most sophisticated jazz-rap producers around: Q-Tip, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and Large Professor, who underpin their intricate loops with appropriately tough beats… ” –

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