Re-Release Tuesdays “All I See”

This is just a nostalgic post. He was nice on the mic and this commercial single was hot at the time.  Not sure what happened but he kind of fell off the edge of the world after his second album.  Yes, he had one of those.  This week’s Re-Release is A+ “All I See“.

“A little kid with a lot to say, A+ seems very mature for his age. He isn’t exactly talking about school dances and his grades on this album, even if his name is A+. You’d think he was 25 if it wasn’t for his voice and his photo on the cover of the album. Not the only one tooting his horn, industry veterans likeMobb Deep and Q-Tip show up for appearances, and — particularly on the Mobb Deep track — A+delivers a few memorable verses to complement Prodigy‘s always present microphone dominance. Not the longest album in the world at just 13 tracks, it leaves you wondering why they didn’t fill it up with a few more songs. But all in all, this is a good album; it will be interesting to see if A+ will truly develop into the prodigy he seems to be.” –