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Re-Release Tuesdays “Hate It Or Love It”

I wasn’t the biggest Game fan when he came out.  The name dropping was a problem for me.  This is your debut album and all you have to talk about are other rappers? I couldn’t deny the fact that some of the beats and songs were hot. I agree with the notion that he helped to bring that West Coast style of Hip-Hop back.  This week’s Re-Release is The Game ft. 50 Cent “Hate It or Love It“.

Once the Game surfaced as a force in hip-hop, a big deal was made of his dance with death. Apparently he was shot five times. If you’re scoring at home, that’s four times less than label mate and executive producer 50 Cent. After the altercation that nearly took his life, the Game took a crash course in hip-hop and studied up on the master MCs from both coasts. Within a year of rapping for the first time, Dr. Dre took notice and was compelled to offer an Aftermath contract. the Game is also from Compton, just like his mentor, so guess where the allegiances fall? An N.W.Amedallion hangs from his neck, an N.W.A logo is inked across his chest, and an image of the late Eazy-E is on his right forearm. If none of this makes it clear enough, the Game name drops beloved heroes — including just about everyone ever connected to N.W.A, save for CPO — with great frequency” –




As of the this post, the deal hasn’t been finalized yet but everyday is officially Dre Day. At least in his household. If you’ve been under a rock, Apple is set to acquire Beats Audio for BILLIONS of dollars. Dre was probably already set for life, now his grand kids, grand kid’s, grand kids are set.

This brother has come a long way. He’s had a lot of ups and downs. He’s had a lot of people try to tarnish his business, sully his name. Everything you can think of. Who’s laughing now?

I like the fact that Hip-Hop artist like 50 Cent, Jay Z, and Dre have become moguls. I would get sad when I looked at how legendary artist like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and more are just… Old Rappers. Still rapping to eat in some cases.

This isn’t disrespect, it’s just the truth. Look at Ice Cube. I mean, music got him there but TV and Movies is where he makes his bread. Look at The Fresh Prince (Yes,  Will Smith), he is light years away from his days as a rapper…. ONLY.

It’s encouraging. It’s inspiring. It’s the new rap game, and everybody wants to get there. But I’ll tell you this… Dope Hip-Hop records is what started it all. Don’t lose sight of that. #Salute