Man have things changed. This entire situation in Ferguson is crazy in itself. There are a lot of supports of the movement.  There are a couple of rapper’s out there protesting and making there voice heard. Unfortunately, not the rappers that need to be out there.  Sure, I’m not saying that having Drake march with the protesters will have a huge impact on this situation.  It would say that today’s leading hip-hop artist aren’t just about money, cars, and what the other rapper doesn’t have.

Hip-Hop music is all about expression. It’s not limited to one expression over the other but it once held a prominent voice when it came to social issues that effect the community. Some of it still does but that voice has all but been muted in the mainstream. Sure artist like Talib Kweli, Chuck D., and Styles P will and have acted. Unfortunately, none of them have a big voice when it comes to rap music.

The new generation doesn’t care about their messages. Everything is a trend.  Even if it’s something as serious as this (or ALS for that matter). It’s not really about speaking out against the legacy of injustice.  It’s about being included in the conversation…regardless of what that conversation is about. Look at the whole situation that went down with Lord Jamar and is comments about Gays in Hip-Hop.

I commend artist like J. Cole. He’s out there. He’s making it known through his music but him alone is not enough.  He is not big enough. Don’t get me wrong, some of your favorite artist will Tweet about it, Instagram about it but at the end of the day…it’s politics. The same fans who will ingest the unlimited flow of negative messages these artist provide song after song, will be the same fans who criticize them for not tweeting a statement regarding Ferguson.

And when the dust clears, and the hashtags trend in Ferguson only, everyone will return to their virtual life. Everyone will continue to support the music that contradicts the “movement” that just happened.  More importantly, NO ONE WILL HOLD THESE ARTIST ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR MESSAGES.

Look, rap is entertainment at the end of the day.  It’s no different from movies, books, video games, etc. Rap has various genres.  Every now and again I want to hear some gangsta sh*t, just as much as I want to watch a movie like Scarface. It’s entertainment, and they are entertainers…but if you are going to throw your hat into a conscious arena…well …choose your words wisely. THAT’S MY WORD!

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Re-Release Tuesdays “Hate It Or Love It”

I wasn’t the biggest Game fan when he came out.  The name dropping was a problem for me.  This is your debut album and all you have to talk about are other rappers? I couldn’t deny the fact that some of the beats and songs were hot. I agree with the notion that he helped to bring that West Coast style of Hip-Hop back.  This week’s Re-Release is The Game ft. 50 Cent “Hate It or Love It“.

Once the Game surfaced as a force in hip-hop, a big deal was made of his dance with death. Apparently he was shot five times. If you’re scoring at home, that’s four times less than label mate and executive producer 50 Cent. After the altercation that nearly took his life, the Game took a crash course in hip-hop and studied up on the master MCs from both coasts. Within a year of rapping for the first time, Dr. Dre took notice and was compelled to offer an Aftermath contract. the Game is also from Compton, just like his mentor, so guess where the allegiances fall? An N.W.Amedallion hangs from his neck, an N.W.A logo is inked across his chest, and an image of the late Eazy-E is on his right forearm. If none of this makes it clear enough, the Game name drops beloved heroes — including just about everyone ever connected to N.W.A, save for CPO — with great frequency” – Allmusic.com

Re-Release Tuesdays “Wild Out”

This one is dedicated to Solange.  There is something to say about a person who has reached their breaking point. Lol! Seriously, this Lox record was the result of the group finally being released from the clutches of Bad Boy Records.  Though the album, as a whole, was hit and miss for me…it’s still a testament to the group’s hard edge rhymes.  This week’s Re-Release is the Lox’s “Wild Out“.

The LOX‘s highly publicized and drawn-out defection from Puffy‘s Bad Boy Records to DMX‘s Ruff Ryder camp was imperative. Not only because Puffy‘s glossy sound openly clashed with the group’s thug mentality, but the change of scenery also furnished JadakissSheek, and Styles with an opportunity to assert their own identity. While The LOX as a unit do not offer much in terms of topical dexterity, Jadakiss is one the industry’s most underappreciated lyricists, which he clearly reiterates on his solo cut “Blood Pressure.” Ruff Ryders in-house producer Swizz Beatz handles most of the production duties, and although his syncopated production can become repetitious, DJ Premier (“Recognize”) and Timbaland (“Ryde or Die Bitch,” featuring Eve and Drag-On) provide some much-needed diversity with their signature sounds. The rowdy lead single, “Wild Out,” is an obvious reworking of Jay-Z‘s “Jigga My Nigga,” but it was a hit on rap radio.” – Allmusic.com


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