STRICTLY FIRST 22 (6-19-15)

The first 22 minutes of last night’s show! Stream, Download, Enjoy! Check out Strictly Hip-Hop every Friday at Midnight Est via and

* Prodigy “Jay Z Diss Freestyle”
* Jay Z “Summer Jam 2001 Mobb Deep & Nas Diss”
* Nas “Stillmatic Freestyle-Roc Diss”
* DMX ft. Jadakiss “Here We Go Again-Roc Diss”
* Beanie Sigel “F@k Jada-Jadakiss Diss”
* Jay Z Speaks
* Jadakiss “F@k Beanie-Beanie Sigel Diss”
* Jay Z “Takeover”
* Nas Speaks
* Nas “Ether”


Ah Joey. You’ve come a long way yet, you don’t realize how far away you actually are. Remember your battle rap days? Remember what it’s like to spit in a cypher on the block? Remember the attitude of every rapper in that circle? It’s that f@ck it attitude.