“Best of Nas & AZ”

Hiphopolitic Old School(Words Only)


This week I decided to put up a tribute mix to Nas & AZ collabos. Get em while it’s hot! Cause it is…

1. Nas & AZ (DJ Clue)- Serious
2. Nas feat. AZ- Life’s Bitch
3. The Firm- Firm Biz
4. The Firm feat. Canibus- Desparados
5. AZ feat. Nas- How ya Livin’
6. AZ feat. Nas- The Essence
7. The Firm- Affirmative Action
8. The Firm- Affirmative Action (remix)
9. Nas feat. AZ- The Flyest
10. AZ feat. Nas- Mo Money, Mo Murder, More Homicide
11. The Firm- Phone Tap
12. Nas feat. AZ & Biz Markie(Demo)- Understanding
13. The Firm- La Familia
14. The Firm- Executive Decision