Live Interview Tonite


Tonight me and producer Kil will appear on the Baltimore Hip-Hop program Strictly Hip-Hop. We’ll be talking about our sophomore (FREE) album “You’re All Welcome“. Tune in at Midnight to listen.

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“This project is about two passionate fans of hip-hop music that have combined their talents to create something FAITHFUL… This album is true to the culture. It’s the “rapper and the producer”. NO FILLERS. Pure lyrics over soulful/head nodding beats! Both Vegas and Kil express their experiences via beats & rhymes that captivate the soul. THE GREY-AREA IS BALANCE… THE GREY-AREA IS FREEDOM… THE GREY-AREA IS THE ALBUM YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR… IT’S FREE! ENJOY!”

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Tracklisting for “The Grey-Area” (42:40)

1. Introverse
2. Here & Now
3. WMBFF-101
4. By Any Means
5. WMBFF-102
6. Human (i’m only)
7. Make it Last feat. Woodz and Oshin
8. WMBFF-103
9. Walk the Block
10. Don’t Let Me Down
11. WMBFF-104
12. 4Bk 4Eva
13. WMBFF-105
14. Waiting on U
15. Legacy’s Hustle
16. WMBFF…Finale
17. Finale


In My Rotation 4-12-2010

New hip-hop is around every corner. Here’s what I’m currently rocking on my iPhone:

Murs & 9th Wonder “Fornever

“This is a dope album! Point blank. The lyrics, delivery, and concepts are nice! 9th Wonder does his thing on the beats. If you’re looking for something to vibe with, or just varied topics, this is very entertaining. Support!”

Little Brother “Leftback

“This is said to be Little Brother’s final album. Sad news for me. I’ve become a big fan. This album kind of feels like the last. The songs are hot (some new, some old, some remixed), but I can’t help but feel like I’m getting “leftovers”. I can’t complain though, something is better than nothing. Add this one to the collection.”

Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon “Wu Massacre

“If you are thirsty for more OBCL2, this will have to do. Method Man was quoted saying that Def Jam rushed this project out the door. I agree 100%. The album is short and doesn’t seem complete. What’s there is hot though (make no mistakes). There is enough dopeness here to keep the Wu fans happy.”

Devin the Dude “Do Not DistHerb (Suite # 420) Ep

“Devin is Devin. Period. Weed Smoke, Sex, and Hilarious stories. Devin is an excellent storyteller. This Ep is a nice little taste of what’s to come on the new album Suite 420. The intro is worth the price of admission in itself, lol!”

Eminem “Relapse: Refill

“I’m a little late to the party on this one. If you didn’t pick up Relapse, Relapse: Refill is the one you should go for. The bonus tracks further display Eminem’s skill for having unlimited flows. A lot of these Dr. Dre beats are nasty too! Heavy Ro!”

Support Quality Hip-Hop! Peace…


jay-z-blueprint-3-coverraekwon cuban 2

“Come get some of this Sequel madness!!!”

VegasWorld Album Review: Slaughterhouse

slaughter house

Click on the photo above to checkout the album on Watch my review below: