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Ah Joey. You’ve come a long way yet, you don’t realize how far away you actually are. Remember your battle rap days? Remember what it’s like to spit in a cypher on the block? Remember the attitude of every rapper in that circle? It’s that f@ck it attitude.

Remember that? Going all out no matter what? No setting is too loud, no atmosphere matters?  You just spit your bars on some, f@ck it.  Remember that?

This will be quick. Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don didn’t live up to expectations…but it did.  It ended the way some predicted but it didn’t. Total Slaughter tried to commercialize what Smack URL started but they failed.

Kay Slay, Sway, and Ebro. Stop it. Keep them away from the event as presenters. How about, save the commentary for pre and post show.

Now back to Joey. C’mon son. “Stop my time”, “Stop Booing”, and then he drops the mic? C’mon now. Who gives a sh*t about the crowd. Dope flows, bars, and professionalism will force the crowd to pay attention (and STFU). You can’t antagonize them.


Overall, Total Slaughter has a lot of work to do. They obviously had no idea how to make this bigger and better. Battle rap is gaining ground in pop culture and something about that scares me. The soul of the movement always gets lost in the pursuit of the bigger dollar.

…and you get diva sh*t like “stop my time”. GTFOH.

Here is how it is done:

Special Delivery: The Lord of Jamar


I’m not one to pounce on a debate when everyone is basically talking, but not listening. It is a pretty common trait of the emotional. I like to sit back, hear the arguments, and then give my perspective. I wish more people on the internet would do this (hip-hop sites, radio and tv shows included). We (the people) still rely on them for the overall perspective of the debate. Regardless of the topic.


For those who may not know, Lord Jamar is a member of the legendary hip-hop group Brand Nubian. They had hits, and more importantly, they rapped from a conscious perspective. So, HE IS NO DUMMY. If you choose to dismiss his comments because he is old….GOODBYE. If you choose to dismiss his comments because Brand Nubian isn’t hot anymore…GOODBYE. You lack the critical thinking acquired, for most of us, at a elementary grade level.

Lord Jamar’s comments regarding Gays and White people in hip-hop weren’t Politically Correct. I agree with that, but what does that mean to a society who claims to be FREE of that form of censorship? If we are moving, or have moved, to a society that is FREE… then why is his opinion on the topic considered wrong? There is where I disagree.

We have become afraid of how unpopular we will be if we don’t go the route of status quo. When did we decide that feeling the way another person feels was better than the way WE feel? Right or wrong. Cruel or Just. Black or White.

But let’s keep it hip-hop. Lord Jamar feels (trust me he is not alone) that popular culture wants to redefine hip-hop culture. Popular culture wants to dictate who created it, how and where it was created, and more importantly…. WHO OWNS THE RIGHTS.

That’s not conspiracy, that is just fact. Look at jazz, look at rock. Know your history. Google the MLK holiday and see the struggle ….the reason it was passed. Now look at it…just another day off from work…just another sales opportunity for retail. For the record, President’s day is the same so there is no discrimination in my statement.

It is about capitalism and the control of that capital. Is Eminem trying to take over hip-hop and be seen as the supreme ruler? No. Interestingly, his sales always reflect a race related surge. Regardless of how good his album is. HE NEVER FALLS OFF. In hip-hop, everybody falls (sales wise) eventually. Eminem is on record for having said that his music sells because he is white. His words.

Does he have a right to view hip-hop as a culture that is his? Yup. His love for the game is unquestionable. Is it his alone? Of course not. The Hip-Hop game will always be a product of inner city poverty….PERIOD. No matter how far across the globe it spans, never forget its roots. Its purpose. It is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It is the POWER OF CHOICE. It is for every person black, white, or candy stripe….to call there own.

Lord Jamar’s comments are not about one person or one race. It’s about preserving the essence of what made this art form so great. And it is our responsibility as fans to take care of what MATTERS.

If you want to check out exactly what Lord Jamar and others had to say, head over to or just Google it.