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Re-Release Tuesdays “The Corner”


It’s 2 degrees out here in the Tri-State area, NO WAY them dudes are down on the corner! I wasn’t a fan of his previous album Electric Circus, but with the help of “Yeezus”, Dilla and No I.D., Common made an all time comeback.  This album should be considered a classic.  This record right here though?! Maaaannn.  No words. Just listen and watch. This week’s Re-Release is Common’s “The Corner“.

Electric Circus cost and won Common some fans. It was very exploratory, especially so for a rap album released in 2002, containing developments — some of which soared, some of which sank — that few longtime followers could have foreseen. Listeners either felt Common was picking up fresh, new inspirations, or that he was just being distracted by a whole lot of ill-fitting nonsense. With Be, it seems the MC has realized that not every album that’s sprawling and eclectic is as good as Electric Ladyland or Songs in the Key of Life. More notably, he might’ve been struck with the fact that a high percentage of excellent albums are around 40 minutes in length and are built on a unified sound. Be ishighly concentrated, containing 11 songs and involving two producers and a small number of guests. It’s a 180 degree turn from Electric Circus, and in a bizarre way it’s both a progression and a back-to-basics move. Kanye West andDilla are key to the album’s steadiness, rooting the sound in ’70s soul and soul-jazz. That’s no shakeup, but the two producers deserve some form of award for stringing together a consistent sequence of productions that is never monotonous, dull, or all that flashy. Even lead single “The Corner,” heard well before Be‘s release, falls into the fabric of the album on first listen, as if that were where it belonged all along…” –

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