24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop! (23rd Anniversary)


It’s that time of year again. Baltimore’s own Strictly Hip-Hop celebrates 23 years on air with a 24 hour broadcast beginning tonight at Midnight! Leading up to the celebration, fellow Blogger @illFam79 interviewed host from the past and present (including yours truly). Here is a snapshot into his excellent work. Check out his blog Your Opinion Is Wrong Tune into the show tonight… Strictly Hip-Hop’s Blog


“Favorite moments? When Skillz called the show live during the Top MC panel. The MC Panel was something that I thought would be cool to have an exchange of ideas/commentary between individuals who I felt as though are Hip-Hop experts. Putting a “Top MC” list together wasn’t easy and it had the internet, radio, and phones buzzing. I remember someone picked up the phone and said “Skillz is on the phone” and I picked up and said “Skillz for real?” Lol and then we put him on live during the MC Panel.


Who are you? My name is Ahk. I hosted and co-produced Strictly Hip Hop between the years of 2002 to 2011. I’ve been involved with the show since 2001. I started out as an intern for Vegas doing the Question of the Week.


Favorite moments? One of my friends put me down with all of the sites that had albums in advance….and we ran with that shit. This was during a time when folks bought their “bootlegs” off the streets. Every week we had like 20 exclusives that the competition either had no access to or couldn’t play yet because it would get them in trouble with labels. We were playing tracks from albums a month before for their release. In some cases, we were hitting tracks that would never be released. We were pioneering shit back then.


Who are you? I started interning with Strictly Hip Hop in ’93 under Vinny V. 6 months into my intern, Vin decided he was stepping down and he was giving the show to me. Me and my homegirl Chris aka The Golden Child hosted it for a good 6 months, then she kinda fell back and I went on to host from ’94 to ’97, when Tanya B took it over. I moved out to Atlanta for a year and came back in ’98 and hosted again with my homegirl Sam til 2000.


Live Interview Tonite


Tonight me and producer Kil will appear on the Baltimore Hip-Hop program Strictly Hip-Hop. We’ll be talking about our sophomore (FREE) album “You’re All Welcome“. Tune in at Midnight to listen.

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In My Rotation 10-26-2011

Keep the hip-hop coming! There is a lot out there to satisfy the hip-hop fan. Here is what I’m currently riding with:

Styles P. “Master of Ceremonies

“To be honest, I didn’t expect much. Styles can be hit or miss with his albums. Considering how much I liked his last album, this release is decent. Styles does his thing, as usual, with lyrics that range from gangsta to conscious. That’s one of the reasons why I like him. He is an honest dude. The beats don’t always fall in line with the presence of Styles, but there may only be one track that is a mandatory skip for me. Styles fans, come get some!”

Phonte “Charity Starts At Home

“I’m still on this one. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Depending on what else drops before the new year, this one may be a shoe-in for my top 5 of 2011. Dope Beats, dope rhymes, dope singing. What more do ya’ll want?! You need this…NOW!”

Kil- “Through The Wire: Season 2

The Wire is the dopest show ever. Hands down. What can be more dope than that show? The Wire + Hip-Hop! Producer Kil comes thru with his 2nd album dedicated to The Wire. Taking snippets of dialogue from the show and blending that with hip-hop beats that compliment the mood, make for a classic combination. If you dig instrumental albums, and love the Wire, you can’t go wrong with this one! Cop that!”

Statik Selektah: “Population Control

“I usually agree with some people who say Djs shouldn’t make rap albums. They don’t rhyme! I do believe there are those who just know how to do it right. Statik Selektah is one of those dudes. Population Control features a ton of artist, most of which appeared on his last release. It doesn’t seem to matter as the concepts, collabos, and beats blend very well. I was new to some of the artist featured on this album, and I’d admit I was a little skeptical. Statik basically does what Djs do, break artist (at least new to me). The tracklisting seems long but the album flows thru to the end where you get a tribute to the DJs of the past and present. THIS IS HIP-HOP.”

“Through The Wire Season 2″ Album

This is part 2 to an “instrumental” album by the homey Kil. It brings together more hip-hop beats and audio clips from my all-time favorite show…The Wire ! Listen to this and tell me it doesn’t make you want to watch all 5 seasons again, and again. Best show of all-times, hands down. If you love hip-hop and beats…show the brother some support…Spread the love to ya friends and all Wire fans. Follow Kil on Twitter: @kil889

Through The Wire Season 2 Produced by Kil

Here is the 1st single “Stray Rounds”: