Re-Release Tuesdays “What Means the World to You'”


Probably my favorite album from Cam. I didn’t initially like this song.  It seemed like such a huge departure from his previous work. The track was dope. In the clubs? For get about it! This week’s Re-Release is Cam’ron’s “What Means the World to You”.

Cam’ron, who scored a gold album and a string of chart singles with his first album, Confessions of Fire, begins his second with the uncompromising “F*** You,” which establishes immediately that he is turning to a more aggressive gangsta style. Thereafter, the rapper covers the usual subjects for the genre, cursing freely in depictions of sexual and physical violence against women, drug usage, and gunplay. ProducerDarrell “Digga” Branch provides rudimentary backing tracks that sample such familiar tunes as Edwin Starr‘s “War” and the Police‘s “Roxanne,” while Cam’ron expresses rage in slow raps that often devolve into little more than complaining. In “Do It Again,” the 22-year-old reflects back on his life, pondering”  –

Re-Release Tuesdays “New York'”

ja rule

Daaaammmnnn homey. Ja Rule was really hot at one point. I wasn’t really a fan, except for that Pain is Love album. At this point in his career, he was all but dead thanks to 50 Cent.  I will say this, Ja Rule surprised me with this one. You can’t say he didn’t fight for his.  This week’s Re-Release is  Ja-Rule’s “New York“.

R.U.L.E. doesn’t have much going for it, but it does include a few noteworthy songs: the album’s lead single, “Wonderful,” an R. Kelly showcase that also boasts an Ashanti feature; the album’s street single, “New York,” a Cool & Dre production with a pop-gangsta edge and strong raps from Fat Joe andJadakiss; and lastly, “Life Goes On,” a 2Pac-style ballad highlighted by features for Trick Daddy and Inc in-house producer Chink Santana. The album’s remaining 60 minutes consist of standard-issue Ja Rulealbum filler: dreary pseudo-autobiographical raps that paint a conflicted portrait of Ja Rule, the paranoid pop-rap gangsta who believes himself to be a street martyr. Still, even if Ja Rule as an artist seems increasingly inauthentic with each passing album release, “Wonderful” is R.U.L.E.‘s saving grace, playing like a trademark R. Kelly song, albeit one featuring Ja Rule and Ashanti.”  –

“Sink” Friday


Let me see… “The writing’s on the wall”, “The jig is up”, “The end is nigh”. No matter how you look at it, a fad gets old. People will not invest a lifetime in “moment” music. Some music is just cool for what we are in to at the time. I like to call it Fast Food rap. We all love fast food, but it ain’t got shit on a home cooked meal. Nicki Minaj is Fast Food.

Any time you have  to re-release an album with bonuses because it didn’t live up to expectations? That sh*t flopped. It’s quite common in the music game. But when you release it on Black Friday and it does worst than ever?! You either have to switch your focus or GTFOH. I think Nicki could be a viable artist if she backed off the “Crazy, Stupid, Barbie, Butt implant, Tri-Sexual, Lady NahGa, Zombie moan rapping shit.”

She has the voice and the delivery, and with proper ghost writers…she can be hotter than ever. That’s just me. Here is what makes this post real juicy though. I had the pleasure of listening to Hot 97 when the Program Director (Ebro) went in on her latest album sales. 3600 units moved total. Dayum!His reason for why her album sold jack shit on the biggest shopping day in the US…Peter Rosenberg.

I don’t know about that but Rosenberg has made valid comments about her brand of Hip-Pop. Granted, this is coming from a station that plays a ton of bullsh*t that doesn’t belong to Nicki Minaj. Whatever. Well, Nicki caught wind of their words and now…this:

“That’s Your Mans…”

I was thoroughly entertained by this interview. Don’t be surprised if he barks on your favorite rappers… Listen…


You got to give it up to the fellas over at Duck Down. 15 Years of Independence without no real commercial success since the 90s is a hell of a achievement. They’ve never really sacrificed their image either. Between Raekwon’s Ice Water and Duck Down we still have the essence of Loud and Rawkus Records. Happy Anniversary Peoples…WE SALUTE YOU…

Here is what they have going on in the near future:

Classic Duck Down Videos: