Gangstarr had a song that spoke about how the uniqueness in your voice is one of the things that got you attention in hip-hop. A distinct voice is just as important as a distinct style (i.e. Q-Tip, B-Real, Kendrick).  Sure there have been rappers with similar vocal tones but, in 2013/2014, I feel like there are waaay too many.

Each rapper brings something to the table that separates him or herself from the other.  It’s just hard to tell when they sound so much a like.  They target the same audience.  Somebody’s not going to eat. It  doesn’t matter who came first, they all came up together.

I was listening to Childish Gambino’s new album when this became ever so clear. Nothing against him but he sound/feels like Drake, Big Sean, & Lupe Fiasco all rolled in one. Maybe that’s the hook? IDK. It becomes increasingly hard to tell the difference for the uninformed.

Nobody has bass in their voice? Only in interviews? I don’t understand. Unfortunately, it all comes down to the marketing of this style. Everybody wants what is charting. Once upon a time artist would get signed because they had a  unique sound.  Now they get deals because they sound the same.

I will always remember Russell Simmons saying he didn’t sign Nas back in the day because he sound too much like Kool G. Rap.  If that were today, not only would he have signed him, he probably would have a roster full of them.

It all just sends a uninspired message to the up and coming hip-hop artist. “Why be you when you can be them?”

Here is that Gangstarr song I talked about (side bar- I didn’t like it but it’s the truth. Lol!):


“Don’t play with my emotions Smokey!” So word on the street is that Nas, Common, and Q-Tip are going to form a Super Group (Please Lawd). I almost sh*t myself typing that. Part of me wants to believe that it is a pipe dream created by some dusty a$$ dungeon dweller that thinks only of 90s hip-hop. Another part of me feels this may just be a way to spark interest in the group and see if it could happen. I say, “Why not?”

Supergroups are fun gangsta…dope. All of them never really live up to their full potential, but they do produce a classic song or two. “Supergroup” is just a fancy way to say “Duet” in hip-hop. I guess that would seem a little too … I for one would love nothing more than to see these 3 get together. Tip could handle the majority of the production with guess producers like No I.D., Primo, and maybe even Pete Rock. Oh wait, that would basically be… Illmatic.

When Nas was asked about the possibility of forming a group with Common and Q-Tip he replied, “Definitely”. Who knows what that means. It definitely doesn’t mean it will happen. It just means that he is down for it. Take that with a grain of salt. I remember there was supposed to be a Nas and Primo album, Nas and AZ album…there was even a rumored Nas and Jay-Z album at one point. All we wound up with was a Nas and Damien Marley album…


I’ve been waiting to see this film for a while now. A lot of interesting views being touched on in this trailer. A lot of younger artist will look at this and think one thing… “HATING”. Open up your vocabulary, ears & mind…and understand what this information means to your existence as a hip-hop artist or fan. Check the trailer…

New Trailer for “Beats,Rhymes, & Life”: A.T.C.Q. Documentary

Love it!

Wonder if that old trailer is still around “somewhere” … The documentary is set to drop in July.

See the new trailer here.


Not to be a ol’ school dude stuck in the past, but I really didn’t expect to walk away impressed. I mean, I figured it would be decent. I also felt it would just make me want to listen to Illmatic.

Elzhi’s (of Slum Village) tribute to Nas’s timeless classic is…somewhat of a classic of it’s own. Definitely one of the best of 2011. The mixtape summons the spirit of what made Illmatic so…well…ill.

Elzhi does his thing borrowing rhyme schemes from Nas but branding them with his own flavor. The star of the show has to be Will Sessions.

Sessions takes the classic beats from Nas’s debut and flips them in a way that keeps the sound true to it’s original…but the sound is more organic.

This is a dope tribute to a classic album…You should check it out…Seriously.

Get it here


“Beats, Rhymes, & Fights” Trailer

The documentary about A Tribe Called Quest is coming….and damn it looks good: (UPDATE- THE VIDEOS GONE. BEEF? THIS “WILL” BE GOOD)

A Tribe Called Quest: The Documentary

Love it!

“Two years ago with camera in hand, Michael Rapaport, began a personal, introspective filmmaker’s journey into the lives of one of his favorite bands of all time, A Tribe Called Quest.”

I love it! One of the greatest hip-hop groups of all-time! As much of a fan I am of their music…I wouldn’t say I know everything about them. I’m glad hip-hop is getting to the point where story’s are told for reason’s that don’t involve “death”.

Here is a clip from the forthcoming documentary:

Here’s the link to the site ( Enjoy, Learn, Celebrate!): http://www.atribecalledquestmovie.com/