Re-Release Tuesdays “Best I Ever Had”


Drake has a new album in the wings (leaked on the internet though), and I took the time to look back at the beginning.  For music that came out not too long ago, the nostalgia hit a brother.  There were songs that I totally forgot about.  It gave me a better appreciation for what this dude was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. This song without a doubt was FIRE.  This week’s Re-Release is Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”.

“No doubt about it, Drake blew up big time in 2009. The one-time TV actor (from Degrassi High: The Next Generation) hooked up with Lil Wayne a couple years previously, worked the mixtape and collabo circuit hard for a spell, and then suddenly hit with the song “Best I Ever Had.” The song was taken from the So Far Gone mixtape and became, arguably, the top summer jam of 2009. After a ferocious bidding war, Drake ended up signing with Universal Motown (while keeping his affiliation with Weezy‘s Young Money and Cash Money intact), and they officially introduced Drakewith the So Far Gone EP…” -

Re-Release Tuesdays “No Time”

lil kim hardcore

This song really had to grow on me. My expectations for a Lil Kim solo were high. She delivered on the album, and this record found a special place in hip-hop for me. The clubs were nuts around this time.  She may look like a Muppet now, but we will never forget the good ol’ days.   This week’s Re-Release is Lil Kim feat. Puff Daddy (Yes, Puff) “No Time“.

Lil’ Kim certainly lives up to her provocative billing on Hard Core. Just a notch or two below other mid-’90s East Coast hardcore rap classics like the Notorious B.I.G.‘s Ready to Die and Jay-Z‘s Reasonable DoubtHard Core emulates much of the gangsta attitude that had characterized the West Coast rap of the time yet retains an East Coast production style that is built upon sampling rather than G-funk. There’s plenty of substance here as well as style, though the Queen Bitch herself gives it to you raw and salaciously like you’d expect, yet also quite wittily and nimbly. It’s her wit and nimbleness that truly set her apart from her peers, as few and far between as they may be. After all, there’s no shortage of porno rap out there, but few of the niche style’s practitioners can earn your respect while still tickling your fancy. Kim is one of those very few, and she showcases her talents throughout Hard Core, beginning with “Big Momma Thang,” her album-opening duet with Jigga. Elsewhere, she flosses with Puff Daddy on “No Time” (“Yeah, I Momma, Miss Ivana/Usually rock the Prada, sometimes Gabbana/Stick you for your cream and your riches/Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Prince Diane, and all them rich bitches”)…” -

“Best of Nas & AZ”

Hiphopolitic Old School(Words Only)


This week I decided to put up a tribute mix to Nas & AZ collabos. Get em while it’s hot! Cause it is…

1. Nas & AZ (DJ Clue)- Serious
2. Nas feat. AZ- Life’s Bitch
3. The Firm- Firm Biz
4. The Firm feat. Canibus- Desparados
5. AZ feat. Nas- How ya Livin’
6. AZ feat. Nas- The Essence
7. The Firm- Affirmative Action
8. The Firm- Affirmative Action (remix)
9. Nas feat. AZ- The Flyest
10. AZ feat. Nas- Mo Money, Mo Murder, More Homicide
11. The Firm- Phone Tap
12. Nas feat. AZ & Biz Markie(Demo)- Understanding
13. The Firm- La Familia
14. The Firm- Executive Decision