Re-Release Tuesdays “Best I Ever Had”

Drake has a new album in the wings (leaked on the internet though), and I took the time to look back at the beginning. For music that came out not too long ago, the nostalgia hit a brother. There were songs that I totally forgot about. It gave me a better appreciation for what this dude was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. This song without a doubt was FIRE. This week’s Re-Release is Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “No Time”

This song really had to grow on me. My expectations for a Lil Kim solo were high. She delivered on the album, and this record found a special place in hip-hop for me. The clubs were nuts around this time. She may look like a Muppet now, but we will never forget the good ol’ days. This week’s Re-Release is Lil Kim feat. Puff Daddy (Yes, Puff) “No Time”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Stan'”

Probably my favorite Eminem album. Not only did it show a growth from his debut but it contained one the dopest hip-hop records of all time. When a song’s title turns into a slang, you know you’ve made a major impact. This week’s Re-Release is Eminem’s “Stan”.

Drive-By Bloggin’ “OUTKAST”

I’m not exactly sure what is going on here but I don’t like it. People have been trying to make the lack of a Outkast album into a beef. Sure, friends fight all of the time. Business partners have disagreements. With Big Boi and Andre 3000, you can see they are doing there best to avoid any controversy.