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Tay Rock

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24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop! (23rd Anniversary)


It’s that time of year again. Baltimore’s own Strictly Hip-Hop celebrates 23 years on air with a 24 hour broadcast beginning tonight at Midnight! Leading up to the celebration, fellow Blogger @illFam79 interviewed host from the past and present (including yours truly). Here is a snapshot into his excellent work. Check out his blog Your Opinion Is Wrong Tune into the show tonight… Strictly Hip-Hop’s Blog


“Favorite moments? When Skillz called the show live during the Top MC panel. The MC Panel was something that I thought would be cool to have an exchange of ideas/commentary between individuals who I felt as though are Hip-Hop experts. Putting a “Top MC” list together wasn’t easy and it had the internet, radio, and phones buzzing. I remember someone picked up the phone and said “Skillz is on the phone” and I picked up and said “Skillz for real?” Lol and then we put him on live during the MC Panel.


Who are you? My name is Ahk. I hosted and co-produced Strictly Hip Hop between the years of 2002 to 2011. I’ve been involved with the show since 2001. I started out as an intern for Vegas doing the Question of the Week.


Favorite moments? One of my friends put me down with all of the sites that had albums in advance….and we ran with that shit. This was during a time when folks bought their “bootlegs” off the streets. Every week we had like 20 exclusives that the competition either had no access to or couldn’t play yet because it would get them in trouble with labels. We were playing tracks from albums a month before for their release. In some cases, we were hitting tracks that would never be released. We were pioneering shit back then.


Who are you? I started interning with Strictly Hip Hop in ’93 under Vinny V. 6 months into my intern, Vin decided he was stepping down and he was giving the show to me. Me and my homegirl Chris aka The Golden Child hosted it for a good 6 months, then she kinda fell back and I went on to host from ’94 to ’97, when Tanya B took it over. I moved out to Atlanta for a year and came back in ’98 and hosted again with my homegirl Sam til 2000.


24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop! (22nd Anniversary)

“Click this pic to visit their blog and Listen Live at Midnight Tonight!”

Unfortunately, I am unable to go down and be a part of this year’s celebration…but I will definitely contribute.

” In society every culture passes down a staple from generation to generation; adding to build a strong legacy that represents the evolution of their way of life. Each generation of alumni that has been apart of the Strictly Hip-Hop tradition has added an element; that help build it to become the major staple it is today within the music community of Baltimore. The anniversary broadcast represents a unity of individuals young and old carrying the mission of Strictly Hip-Hop: Educate, Elevate and preserve the Hip-Hop culture. To celebrate the growth of Strictly Hip-Hop the theme of the 22nd Anniversary is: “The Evolution of Hip-Hop” Current and former staff members will be involved in the anniversary broadcast. Hip-Hop culture elements such as: Turntablism (DJ) and Rapping (MC) will be highlighted throughout the day of the anniversary.”

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24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop!

"Click on the Image, starting at Midnight May 13th, to Listen.

Unfortunately, I am unable to go down and be a part of this 21 year celebration…but I will definitely contribute. Here is the Press Release:

“Strictly Hip-Hop will celebrate twenty-one years of serving the community. The theme of the anniversary celebration is the “Best of Strictly”. It will be a 24 hour broadcast that begins at midnight on May 13 (Friday) and conclude at midnight on May 14 (Saturday). Past and present hosts and DJ’s of the Strictly Hip-Hop family will be highlighting segments, memories, and “popular” music selections of the time that they were apart of Strictly Hip-Hop. From the creation of Strictly Hip-Hop in 1990 the mission has always been to preserve and influence the growth of hip-hop culture.

To add to the tradition Strictly will be hosting the mid-day part (3p.m.-8p.m.) of the anniversary at “Check the Ingredients” ; an outdoor event hosted by the Good Supply Team that is held every second Saturday at Graffiti Alley also known as Load of Fun in the Station North Arts and Entertainment district located in Downtown Baltimore. To be a part of the celebration tune into WEAA 88.9 FM midnight or Log on to www.weaa.org

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