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Tonight me and producer Kil will appear on the Baltimore Hip-Hop program Strictly Hip-Hop. We’ll be talking about our sophomore (FREE) album “You’re All Welcome“. Tune in at Midnight to listen.

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“Why You Bringing Up Old Sh*t?”

If you’re from where I’m from, you know that question all too well. Come on Canibus. Stop. There are a lot of people who have forgotten about you. This is not the way you want them to discover that you’re still out there doing your thing. I was a fan, and somewhere down the line it turn into “nonsense”.

It’s not to say what the brother spits is completely pointless. There is no direction in his motives sometimes (my opinion). Now he is clearly the “mad rapper” type. His failed mainstream success and industry bullshit (not his fault) has left him bitter.

So bitter, that he is now bring up “old shit”.

You don't want to be him. Or do you?

First he was mad at Eminem for “allegedly” ghost writing L.L. Cool J’s diss record “Ripper Strikes Back”. Really? That was damn near ten years ago.

This? Really?:

Now he’s mad at KRS One for this (Came out years ago as well):

Canibus vs. L.L. Cool J.

This is what Canibus had to say on his latest album “Melatonin Magik

“How many emcees must get dissed, before somebody whispers don’t f**k with Bis (this is a jacked lyric from one of KRS-One’s old songs)/My Survival Skills surpass Kris, watch this / You got a rap for every emcee? GO GET IT THEN /Why you d*ck ride Def Jam, they not your friend / Make your mind up, I thought you was not with them / F***ing comedy, speaking on flawed philosophy / You’ll never give props to Keith Or Canibus for Undergods release / Go right ahead, dismiss it / We ain’t submissive, we spit lyrical lyrics / I got the right to live off it, I live it And I’mma voice my opinion, can’t nobody make me think different / My spirit feels like it’s in a prison / I speak on the music conspiracy but nobody wanna listen.”

Wow! Really? I know he didn’t just see this shit. I’m getting old blogging about it. Leave the legends alone.

It just makes you look stupid going at them. The sad part is…KRS will probably respond….and…well…I’m not sure if Canibus will be victorious.

For those who care…enjoy…LMAO!

I liked the way Eminem handled it (this was funny):

THE DIFFERENCE (shots fired!)

I want to take the time out to speak to those dudes that love to debate. I know dudes that have very different taste from mine when it comes to rap. Different is always good. I do different.

For a long time I couldn’t understand how anyone could like (MF) Doom. Recently, I’ve grown to appreciate his music. It’s purely about artistry. It’s not about trends and charts. There is, essentially, nothing like it. That’s when “different” is good.

Lupe Fiasco can be considered another one of those “types”. It’s more than rap. I’d be lying if i said i liked everything he puts out, but it’s a good vibe. It’s a art I feel safe in supporting.

What I can’t get with is rappers (and more so their fans), that base their careers on “different” without the artistry. If you have to preach about how unlike the mainstream your are, well…you haven’t said shit to me.

Some fans of this kind of music and mentallity carry the same trait. It’s the, “I was up on them when no one f@cked with them.” mentality. Phonte said it best when he spoke about the lack of mainstream success for the group Little Brother. “Some just want to take us home and keep us in they little box.”

I keep my mind open to anything, but if I’m not feeling it…I’m just not feeling it. iT’s not hate or regional bias. You don’t know how many times I’ve been told to check out this ” ” artist. My thirst for hip-hop is never quenched, so I do so eagerly.

The end result is some “Dj Cat Show Shirt Wearing Ass nigg..”. His objective is usually one of the following:

- Angry Thug/Political Activist mad at people for dancing…

- Microphone Scientist who tosses big words around (with little to no point); and anyone who isn’t feeling it…just doesn’t understand.

- Mainstream reject who aims for radio play with every song but just sounds like a parody of it all.

Am I asking for too much? I too search for “different”, but I am a little more cautious in my investing. I discovered the music of Jay Electronica and Joell Ortiz a while back. They are nice! And that will not go unignored in any case. Those are good refferals for hip-hop fans.

That wack shit some dudes hop on is just a reflection of their own shame as an social outcast. (Boooom!!!)

We all have “different” taste. I respect that, but when it’s up for debate…YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTIME.

Sincerely Yours,


VegasWorld Album Review: Slaughterhouse

slaughter house

Click on the photo above to checkout the album on Watch my review below:

Meet Kel Spencer…

kel spencer

Every now and again I like to shine a light on some emcees out there doing big things. No he doesn’t have a diss record, no he’s not linked to the “whatever the f@ck hot crew of the moment”, and no I don’t owe him money. This is pure respect for a fellow emcee. Kel Spencer is that dude!

That dude you may have never heard of (or maybe you have), but you need to. Him and his team grind out daily bringing you music, videos, and live performances like a full fledged label with 100s of employees. He also is very much in tune with his fanbase via the numerous social networking outlets (Follow him on Twitter).

But this isn’t a commercial or d@ck riding contest ( a real man don’t have to say no homo…guess I just said it in some respects, lol). This is an endorsement from a fan. My man spits. Period.

You want a raw flow…got it. You want concepts…got it. You want energy…got it. You want a hot live set…got it. Do you like your hip-hop with a little diversity…got it.

It’s very hard to dislike an emcee who can bring all of those elements to the table, and wear them with integrity. Kel Spencer is that dude. Hip-hop is so superficial nowadays that it tends to ignore the emcees who embody the foundations of the culture. He’s seen a lot of peaks and valleys as an artist, and he is as strong as ever TODAY.

Take note out there, this dude IS 4 R.E.A.L. Ya’ll need to dial in…

For More Info on KEL SPENCER visit: Website:

Check out the video for his song “The Building”:

Word?! Really?!


Word?! Really?! My reaction isn’t to the fact that Krs One and Buckshot (Black Moon) are doing an album together, it’s the fact that 50 Cent might be on the project?! Now that’s a good look! We know for most people Buckshot is old school, and Krs One should be retired.

Both of these kats have been doing there thing on a underground level, but to do an album and have the likes of 50 and Mary J. Blige feature?! There’s also going to be an Havoc produced track. I like this. It feels like hip-hop might be headed in the right direction. With the 2 Pac album (recorded with Boot Camp) being released soon, maybe Buckshot and Krs One can get a taste of that mainstream love.

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