Top 10 Wu-Tang Clan Songs


I watch these kind of videos all the time. There not always about hip-hop but this one was. Peep the “phrasing” from the narrator. Lol! Dope! S/O to

Re-Release Tuesdays “It’s Yourz”

wu forever

I like the song Drake did. I’m saying. It would have been corny for him to try and redo it from a rap perspective.  It was it’s own song and it brings to light a classic Wu-Tang track.  I loved this song the minute I heard it. Dope beat. Typical Wu slang. Plus it dropped during the summer. You know how we love our Summer Anthems.  This week’s Re-Release is Wu-Tang Clan’s “It’s Yourz“.

By the time the Wu-Tang Clan finished their first round of solo projects and reconvened for their second album as a group, the double-disc album had become the hip-hop fad of the moment. So why not give it a shot? With a main crew of nine MCs (plus new protégé Cappadonna), the Wu wouldn’t have to depend heavily on guest appearances to flesh out two whole discs of material, as Biggie and 2Pac had. While the result, Wu-Tang Forever, is frequently brilliant, it’s also sprawling and unfocused, losing its handle on the carefully controlled chaos of Enter the Wu-Tang. On the one hand, there’s more social consciousness on Wu-Tang Forever, taking hard looks at ghetto life while finding pathos and offering encouragement and uplift (“A Better Tomorrow,” “Impossible”). On the other hand, you also get some of the group’s most explicit sex raps yet (“Maria,” “The Projects,” the utterly bizarre ODB solo track “Dog Shit”). In other words, the group is starting to go off in more individual directions here, making it harder to maintain an overall focus…. -

Re-Release Tuesdays “Triumph”

Not much to say on this one. One of the dopest beats, songs, and videos of all-time. This week’s Re-Release is Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph

The Wu-Tang Clan‘s long-awaited second album, Wu-Tang Forever, arrived to great anticipation, and the double-disc set does not disappoint. Where contemporaries like 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. issued double-discs cluttered with filler, Wu-Tang Forever is purposeful and surprisingly lean, illustrating the immense depth of producer RZA and the entire nine-piece crew. Each rapper has a different lyrical style, from Ol’ Dirty Bastard‘s bizarre rants to Raekwon‘s story sketches, and RZA subtly shifts his trademark style for each song, creating an album of cinematic proportions. There are no great musical innovations on the album, since the Wu-Tang‘s signature blend of skeletal beats, scratchy samples, eerie pianos, and spectral strings remains intact. Yet the music is more nuanced and focused than ever before, balanced equally between scary soundscapes and darkly soulful tracks. The result is an intoxicating display of musical and lyrical virtuosity, one that reveals how bereft of imagination the Wu-Tang‘s contemporaries are. -