Reason for Rhyme…

Watching that Biggie movie ‘Notorious‘ had me thinking about hip-hop today. There is a soul that’s missing. Ahk was on point with his previous comments. I watched the movie just thinking about the motivation of today’s hip-hop artist.

We all know one motivation is to make money. I’m not knocking that. Even Biggie was focused on that. In the movie ‘Notorious’ you could see how the excitement about Biggie was the lyrics and flow. The voice and style. The way he moved. His approach was one of aggression with slick word play.

Where is the passion for the craft today? Where is the sacrifice? Where is the heart? Everything written, recorded, and promoted is ultra heavy on the marketing. Being that we live in the information age, we can see the sales pitch coming a mile a way. It’s easy for a kat like me to hate Jim Jones’ “We Fly High (Ballin’)‘” , then turn around and love it. It was catchy and radio spins were off the hook.

Radio used to break new “talent”. Now they just break new “artist”. And I use that term loosely. Does today’s hip-hop artist value “being the best mc”? Do they hear a track and instantly think of radio and the club? Do they have a story to tell?

So many questions I have that can only be answered by time. What’s your motivation to listen?

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  1. I blame those in the game who know better. They don’t help the situation by appearing on remixes and stuff like that. Sad days ahead…


  2. Ahk says:

    You know what Vegas? I get tired of askin myself that shit when it comes to people younger than me. I know why I listen, the same reason I been listening from the beginning, cause I WANNA HEAR SOME “SHET”! Some banging beats some slick shit from somebody that I feel relates to me in some kind of way.

    But this new breed, I dont know. For the life of me I just cant figure out what’s so appealin about some of the artists they look up to. I just figured it out with Young Jeezy and learned to appreciate some of what he brings to the table, but thats as far as I can go, before I start feeling like all of my education is slowly leakin out the side of my ear. Now this is pretty much personal listening now at a club, in the public thats different. Whatever enhances the feeling of that drink in your hand should be just enough motivation. Lol


  3. cruz says:

    it’s the corporate hustle. pre-packaged pimp cliche that borrows from pre-packaged pimp cliche. i blame puff and them for dumbing down the art of the sample and just lifting entire choruses as a hook for a rap about gettin’ paid. zzzzzzzzzzz. give me thelonious fuckin’ monk any day! 🙂


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