Rock the..Hall of Fame

L.L. Cool J. is being considered for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I wish this was the “Hip-Hop Hall of Fame”, but that will come in due time. This is a good look for “Mr. Smith”. His popularity and platinum success just started to slow down recently. You are talking about an hip hop artist who came out in the mid 80s!

There is currently NO ONE in the game that can claim that. Don’t give me that sh@t about the majority of his fanbase being female (as if when don’t grow tired of artist). There were, and are, a lot of dudes who rocked with “Uncle L” too. He is the Blueprint for longevity in the game.

He switched his flow and production to adapt to the ever changing world of hip-hop. If you follow the time line of east coast rap’s trends throughout the years, his run is incredible. He also never compromised his image. He’s both battled other emcees and revolutionized the “love record” (i.e. “I Need Love”)

Pay Tribute…

Here’s what The Rock & Roll Hall Fame has to say:

LL Cool J always had his sights set on rock & roll. Born James Todd Smith in Queens, New York, LL was only 17 in 1985 when he recorded “Rock the Bells,” which included the following couplet: “Cause it ain’t the glory days with Bruce Springsteen/I’m not a virgin so I know I’ll make Madonna scream.” A year earlier LL had made his debut on Def Jam, which was also the debut of the label itself. His first two singles – “I Need a Beat” followed by “I Want You” – sketched out the two main gears of his career: testosterone-maddened battle raps and tender, sexy love songs. The former included “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” (1985), “Jack the Ripper” (1987), and “Mama Said Knock You Out” (1991). By the 1990s, LL was working in television and film and has proven that rappers can sustain a long-term career.”

See the other nominees here:

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