“I Appreciate the Way U Look though…”

I’m sorry. Homegirl is wack. No way around that. I understand Young Money wants her to be the Lil Kim to Weezy’s Biggie (does that mean Drake is Lil Cease, lol). I understand…trust me. It’s all marketing, but Lil Kim was just…more appealing…on the mic.

I know Biggie wrote the majority of her rhymes. That’s not the point. The point is Nicki Minaj’s image is just too much of a wack rip-off. Why not advance the “sex appeal” rap thing (i.e. Salt-n-Pepa to Lil Kim and Foxy)? Instead, we have a “new” Lil Kim.

I’ll tell you like this, guys don’t buy albums because chicks look good. Lil Kim and Foxy’s debut album were…Good rap records. Their rhymes were hard and the sex appeal was heavy. This shit is just blatant.

I don’t care how much airplay shorty gets. I realize that I am not her target audience. Looking at her marketing and rhyme skills, she won’t be here for long. Maybe a sex tape will help advance her rap career (now that I’ll buy).

That seems to be a pretty popular promotional tool amongst celebrities nowadays.

Sorry…I like the way you look though.

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