Def Jam Rapstar (Ante Up Edition)


I love this game. No, really. I’m the type of dude who primarily plays sports video games. I’ll play a little Call Of Duty every now and again, but it’s mostly sports. The music games are cool for the family but Def Jam Rapstar was right up my alley.

I bought a ton of downloadable songs and couldn’t wait for more. Sh*t, I was eagerly awaiting a Def Jam Rapstar 2. Unfortunately that will probably never happen. EMI is suing the makers of Def Jam Rapstar for copyright infringement…..

The record companies chase every dime. This game wasn’t a huge hit but I guess EMI could care less. Here’s what it is:

The various subsidiaries of EMI, the music giant that is selling its business to Sony and UMG, filed the lawsuit in New York federal court last week and is alleging substantial damages from the theft of songs performed by Kanye West, DMX, Lil Wayne, and others.

EMI also says some of its sound recordings were infringed in the game, such as Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” which was sampled and used by Kanye West in his hit song, “Stronger.” In total, the complaint lists 54 songs that were infringed, and the label wants statutory damages in the amount of $150,000 for each work infringed. Owning a part of a whole still might entitle a plaintiff to full statutory damages; if so, this would represent a lawsuit worth more than $8 million, and likely more because we’re not counting the game’s net profits, which plaintiffs also demand.

Read more here: EMI sues over Def Jam Rapstar Video Game

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