I’ve been waiting to see this film for a while now. A lot of interesting views being touched on in this trailer. A lot of younger artist will look at this and thing one thing… “HATING”. Open up your vocabulary, ears & mind…and understand what this information means to your existence as a hip-hop artist or fan. Check the trailer…

Re-Release Tuesdays “24 Hours to Live”

Needless to say I was a little shocked when I heard this song was on Ma$e’s album. I didn’t think Diddy was going to give him anything that wasn’t designed for the clubs/airwaves. Featuring the LOX and DMX, this song became a classic in some respects. Probably more so for it’s creative concept than the performances. Dope song, hands down. This week’s Re-Release is Ma$e feat. DMX and The LOX “24 Hours to Live”.