Trump vs. The Internet

Yesterday, organizations like the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America), ASCAP, and BMI sent a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump asking him to crack down on illegal file-sharing and downloading sites. This was ahead of a tech summit that takes place today where Trump is scheduled to meet with tech leaders such as Apple’s Tim…

Rap Deconstructed

Hip-Hop fans of traditional rap hate the “mumble” rappers of today. Why? I think it has less to do with the actual mumbling and more to do with the lack of technique. Rapping has evolved over the years so it’s disheartening to see the genre take numerous steps backwards. It’s an art right? Fans of…

Year End 2016

Look, I’m writing again! I know it’s been a long time here at but here it is. A post you can’t click play to view or listen. Why so long? I’ve been working on a book. Shhhhhh. It’s somewhat of a secret. More to be revealed later but I assure you, it will be…


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Honestly, this is the only time I’m looking at you. Whether you have something ignorant to say, or something intelligence shines through. I’m saying. That’s why you look like that right. You only trying to make one statement. That statement doesn’t have anything to do with rhymes or beats or Hip-Hop.