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Honestly, this is the only time I’m looking at you. Whether you have something ignorant to say, or something intelligence shines through. I’m saying. That’s why you look like that right. You only trying to make one statement. That statement doesn’t have anything to do with rhymes or beats or Hip-Hop.


We all need a break from our individual worlds. My breaks are spent playing sports video games (PS4 tag Veguss2001) and watching everything crowding the DVR. Hip-Hop usually takes a break after the ball drops for the new year. Not this year though. Albums/Mixtapes dropped all over the end of 2013 and the start of 2014. I couldn’t keep up at one point.


Gangstarr had a song that spoke about how the uniqueness in your voice is one of the things that got you attention in hip-hop. A distinct voice is just as important as a distinct style (i.e. Q-Tip, B-Real, Kendrick). Sure there have been rappers with similar vocal tones but, in 2013/2014, I feel like there are waaay too many.


With all the hip-hop music we get over the course of a year, a lot of it is forgettable. I not just talking about the wack sh*t. There are a lot of solid releases that I have all but forgotten. It’s this time of year when we begin to reflect on all that has happened. My process for selecting albums/mix tapes of the year is simple.