Live Interview Tonite

Tonight me and producer Kil will appear on the Baltimore Hip-Hop program Strictly Hip-Hop. We’ll be talking about our sophomore (FREE) album “You’re All Welcome”. Tune in at Midnight to listen.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Gotta Man”

I’d be lying if I said I was a big Eve around the time this game out. I was more of a Lil Kim/Foxy kind of dude. After hearing a couples tracks from Eve, I then realized that she was more than just a cash in on the “sexy female mc” image. Though her career was short lived, I think she put out some quality records. This week’s Re-Release is Eve’s “Gotta Man”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Brand New Funk”

For those who thought it was all Uncle Phil and Carlton… Allow me to introduce you to one of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s hip-hop classics… “Brand New Funk”

“Through The Wire Season 2” Album

This is part 2 to an “instrumental” album by the homey Kil. It brings together more hip-hop beats and audio clips from my all-time favorite show..The Wire !

“4BK 4EVA”

This is the latest single off of my critically acclaimed album “The Grey-Area”! Support Quality Hip-Hop!

This Week in True School 7-5-09

What else would it be this time of year? Summertime anthem ya dig!
This week’s throwback is DJ Jazz Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”