Re-Release Tuesdays “Throw Ya Gunz In The Air”

It’s the mad face invasion! Hip-Hop’s Heavy Metal (this and M.O.P.). Loved this album back in the day. Remember when Biggie said, “I let my tape rock until my tape popped”… That was this Onyx album for me.

50 Cent “Before I Self-Destruct”: Album Review

I’m somewhere in the middle. I love joints like “Invitation” and “Death to My Enemies”. It’s songs like “Gangsta’s Delight” and “Get it Hot” that leave me like, “What the f@ck is this?!”


Head on over to my weekly mix show! I put together a tribute for these brothers. Click on the Photo (above) to listen to the mix. Here’s my blurb on the legendary hip-hop group Run Dmc…