Sometimes I get nostalgic and miss this era of rap. Kanye was crazy with the beats. Dipset was popping. One of my favorites right here. This week’s flashback is Cam’ron featuring Kanye West “Down & Out”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Do It Again”

Many a nights in the club with this one. Not the best Jay-z album in my opinion, but it still contained some classic records. Beanie did his thing too. A little credit to the Backyard Band. 😉 This week’s Re-Release is Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel & Amil “Do It Again”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Crossover”

For a long time this was my favorite hip-hop group of all-time…until the break up. I was crushed. 4 dope albums in a row. They couldn’t miss, and the production was top notch. When you look at the rap game today and your hear a song like this….my have things changed. This week’s Re-Release is EPMD’s “Crossover”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Uptown Hit”

This is one of them joints that just feels like 90s. One of my favorite tunes from back then… This week’s Re-Release is Kurious’s “Uptown Hit”.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Brand New Funk”

For those who thought it was all Uncle Phil and Carlton… Allow me to introduce you to one of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s hip-hop classics… “Brand New Funk”

Re-Release Tuesdays “Triumph”

Not much to say on this one. One of the dopest beats, songs, and videos of all-time. This week’s Re-Release is Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph”

Re-Release Tuesdays “Throw Ya Gunz In The Air”

It’s the mad face invasion! Hip-Hop’s Heavy Metal (this and M.O.P.). Loved this album back in the day. Remember when Biggie said, “I let my tape rock until my tape popped”… That was this Onyx album for me.

Re-Release Tuesdays “Toss It Up”

Wow! Talk about one hit wonders. I bought this album. It was basically wack but I couldn’t deny how dope this song was. I always looked at them as a precursor to groups like the Lost Boys and the Wu. There were like 5 dudes in the group. They were also produced by Salaam Remi (That explains his current sound :-/ This was still a hot song for its’ time. This week’s Re-Release is Zhigge’s “Toss It Up”