Tay Rock Interview Tonight.

It’s going down this Friday on Strictly Hip Hop WEAA 889.fm the voice of the community. Listen live online via Itsstrictly.com and Weaa.org Show your twitter love @HipHopStrictly @AyePlusAutumn @HunterisBizzy @ThomasJ_ #GO Listen live online via Itsstrictly.com and Weaa.org

Strictly Hip-Hop Raises Funds!

In order for us to continue to bring you authentic Hip-Hop music and culture…we need your support! Become a member today by pledging your support for WEAA and Strictly Hip-Hop! Help us raise funds! We can’t do this with your help. Pledge tonight on the show. itsstrictly.com Peace…

24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop! (23rd Anniversary)

It’s that time of year again. Baltimore’s own Strictly Hip-Hop celebrates 23 years on air with a 24 hour broadcast beginning tonight at Midnight! Leading up to the celebration, fellow Blogger @illFam79 interviewed host from the past and present (including yours truly). Here is a snapshot into is excellent work.

24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop! (22nd Anniversary)

” In society every culture passes down a staple from generation to generation; adding to build a strong legacy that represents the evolution of their way of life. Each generation of alumni that has been apart of the Strictly Hip-Hop tradition has added an element; that help build it to become the major staple it is today within the music community of Baltimore. The anniversary broadcast represents a unity of individuals young and old carrying the mission of Strictly Hip-Hop: Educate, Elevate and preserve the Hip-Hop culture. To celebrate the growth of Strictly Hip-Hop the theme of the 22nd Anniversary is: “The Evolution of Hip-Hop” Current and former staff members will be involved in the anniversary broadcast. Hip-Hop culture elements such as: Turntablism (DJ) and Rapping (MC) will be highlighted throughout the day of the anniversary.”

24 Hours of Strictly Hip-Hop!

Strictly Hip-Hop will celebrate twenty-one years of serving the community. The theme of the anniversary celebration is the “Best of Strictly”. It will be a 24 hour broadcast that begins at midnight on May 13 (Friday) and conclude at midnight on May 14 (Saturday)…