Live Interview Tonite

Tonight me and producer Kil will appear on the Baltimore Hip-Hop program Strictly Hip-Hop. We’ll be talking about our sophomore (FREE) album “You’re All Welcome”. Tune in at Midnight to listen.

“Why You Bringing Up Old Sh*t?”

If you’re from where I’m from, you know that question all too well. Come on Canibus. Stop. There are a lot of people who have forgotten about you. This is not the way you want them to discover that you’re still out there doing your thing. I was a fan, and somewhere down the line it turn into “nonsense”.

THE DIFFERENCE (shots fired!)

I want to take the time out to speak to those dudes that love to debate. I know dudes that have very different taste from mine when it comes to rap. Different is always good. I do different. For a long time I couldn’t understand how anyone could like (MF) Doom. Recently, I’ve grown to…

Meet Kel Spencer…

Every now and again I like to shine a light on some emcees out there doing big things. No he doesn’t have a diss record, no he’s not linked to the “whatever the f@ck hot crew of the moment”, and no I don’t owe him money. This is pure respect for a fellow emcee. Kel Spencer is that dude!

Word?! Really?!

Word?! Really?! My reaction isn’t to the fact that Krs One and Buckshot (Black Moon) are doing an album together, it’s the fact that 50 Cent might be on the project?! Now that’s a good look!

“The Future is Nigh…”

A lot of people like to say that kats like Lil Wayne are the future of hip-hop. I’m not sure about that but I know there are a couple of dudes out there that keep me hopeful…